Restoration of a torn photograph started with careful rejoining of the separated pieces and mending of tears with archival tape.  The surface of the photograph was cleaned form dust and grime using specially formulated emulsion cleaning solution. A high resolution image scan was made of the photograph to allow for preservation of the smallest details of the intricate lace work of the wedding dress to be preserved. Fine art print of a restored photograph made on acid free, natural rag paper. Restoration of a historic WWII photograph of generals MacArthur and general Eisenhower taken during their meeting in Japan. Prior to restoration an archival scan was made of the photograph to capture a digital image that retain the smallest details of the original down to the photo grain. Reproduction print of a historic WWII photograph. Scanned at high resolution and digitally retouched to restore the image of the famed American heroes the fine art print was made on acid free paper and sized to be ready for framing. A great example of a true Americana photograph from 60s was restored to it’s former glory. The damaged areas on the photograph were carefully retouched, the fading and the color cast removed and the missing corners  replaced and retouched to seamlessly blend with the original image. After scanning the photograph to produce am archival high resolution image, the digital image was retouched to it’s original appearance and printed on fine art paper to be displayed in a custom frame. Beautiful photo portrait of mother and her baby was restored to show the delicate tones of the original silver gelatin print. Restoring such heavily damaged photograph always provide a challenge and requires care of true professional capable of providing best photo restoration care. The restored photograph shoving the cleaned image printed on fine arts inkjet paper that matches the texture and the feel on the old silver-gelatin prints. Archival photo scanning and digital restoration of a faded and torn photograph of Antarctic Oceanographic Research Ship USNS Eltanin. Photograph after restoration. The fading and the ink spots were carefully removed and the tape marks retouched to restore the damaged parts of the image. 1926 photograph of the chef Ernest Caredio and the staff of the legendary New York Sardi's restaurant taken prior to relocation to the Theater District in Manhattan of was restored by removing the faded areas, mending the tears and sharpening the blurry parts of the image The restored photograph was given the sepia tone to match the original and the final print was made on an acid free paper to be framed and displayed on the wall of the legendary New York eatery. Restoration of an old colorized photograph of a sailor was done by making a high resolution scan of the image followed by digital retouching and color correction. Scanned, carefully retouched and printed on archival acid free paper this old photograph is now looks as the day it was taken. Restoration of a historic photograph of New Yorks City’s corner of 5th Avenue, Broadway, and 23rd street before the Flatiron building was erected and gave the neighborhood it’s name. The high-resolution photo scan was able to capture the smallest details of the historic photograph of New York City. Even the intricate iron works of the awning that in the future became part of the Flatiron building and the elaborate architectural details of the buildings along the 5th Avenue remained sharp and in focus. The scanned photograph was retouched, sharpened to bring back the faded details of the image, and color corrected to return the original tone of the print. The restored image was printed on fine art acid free paper to match the feeling of original 19th century photograph. Commemorative civil war union army soldier service record poster. Such documents were presented on the anniversary of the Civil War to the former Union soldier who distinguished themselves on the field of battle. Over the years the document became torn and an attempt was made to put it together with scotch tape. With time the tape yellowed and further damaged the paper on which the document was printed. After the document was unrolled and flattened the surface of the paper was carefully cleaned and the pieces of tape were removed to expose the original surface. A high-resolution archival scan was made of the original and the digital image retouched to restore the missing text and parts of the document. Finally a poster size print was made of the restored document to be custom framed and displayed in the home of the civil war veteran’s descendant. Striving to provide the best photo restoration service to all his clients Sebastian Wintermute pays outmost attention to preserving the authenticity of the original image and to restore it in such manner that will preserve the maximum amount of details and authentic appearance. To prevent further damage the restoration of a rolled up photograph requires extremely careful handling by an experienced photo restoration expert. After humidification the photograph was carefully unrolled and flattened by letting it slowly dry under controlled weight. Ones flatten the surface of the photograph was cleaned using specially formulated photo emulation cleaners and the tears mended with application of Ph neutral archival tape. The original was scanned using a wide format professional photo scanner. The digital image was retouched to remove the fading, colorcast and any damages that were not removed by surface cleaning.  The print was made on a wide format professional photo printer using archival acid free photo paper. Restoration of old photo started with making a high resolution scan of the photograph to make sure that even the smallest detail will be accurately reproduced.  Careful digital retouching removed all the scratches, tears and stains from the image, and filled in the missing parts of the image. After  the retouched photo was sized and color corrected to bring back the original tones it was printed on natural acid free photo paper to match the tone, appearance and the feeling of an old silver gelatin fiber photo print.
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